We are pleased to announce that Geri Spangler has joined our team ready to serve you!  Geri will be our Office Manager, handling much of our bookkeeping activity including payables and receivables as well as other back office and support tasks.  She will also work with Dawn to stay on top of our calls and […]

Your Small Network Is More Valuable Than You Think

When I discuss network security with small businesses I always hear the same refrain, “We don’t have anything worth stealing, so why should we care about information security?”  Sometimes I think I audibly groan when they are halfway through that sentence. We are so secure in the idea that our mundane work is of no […]

NO, You Really Should Be Using a Password Manager By Now!

Every couple of weeks we see a familiar news article “Website XYZ hacked, millions of accounts exposed”, but we seldom think about how that affects us.  So why should you change all of your passwords just because LinkedIn lost a few (117million, to be exact) accounts? Because, you use that password all the time, all […]

Ransomware Business is Booming!

Cybercrime got it’s moonshot with Cryptolocker, and now everyone is trying to get in on the action. Hidden in the dark web are servers that will launch a ransomware campaign for you if the price is right. Just provide them with your list (or you can buy one from any illegitimate hack site along with […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a curious combination of enormous potential and disappointing current reality. With big advances in many areas, and fumbling starts in many others, it’s a mixed bag, particularly for anyone relying on the Microsoft-developed Universal apps. For example, if you need to run a Mail client on Windows 10, the Microsoft-supplied Universal Mail […]

The Frustration of Spam

Spam control is one of the biggest challenges in the IT world, comprising well over half of all email traffic. The problem is that there is no clear line between what is spam and what is not. Spammers go to great lengths to send messages that do not get filtered out, and some legitimate email […]

Does your IT service team need a checkup?

Is your IT service solution a necessary evil or part of your competitive edge? Computer technology is critical to your business, legal practice, or medical practice and effective IT support is critical to your day to day operations and productivity. Is yours working for you? It starts with trust. When you give anyone your administrative […]

Are you securing the keys to your company?

Today’s headlines are full of security breaches and the penalties are steep. You can lock the doors to your office but how do you lock up your data? With mobile access and cloud computing your data can be available anywhere. Passwords are the only barrier to unauthorized access and should protect every workstation and every […]

Is your data protection process healthy?

Can your practice survive a major data or server loss?  Recently we’ve had a clear reminder that catastrophic failures happen.  Much more common, but less public, are disk failures and data losses that are costly and can hinder a practice’s ability to conduct business. Backup data must be moved offsite daily so that it is […]

Do you have effective access to your company?

With the increased use of web-based and cloud-based applications, your internet connection has become critically important.  However, it’s commonly treated like your electric utility, ordered and forgotten.  We find that many organizations pay too much or have inadequate service or both with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that made sense years ago. There are many […]

Should your company be in the cloud?

Last month we presented an overview of cloud services. Now let’s discuss advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of cloud services is that management and maintenance of these services is not your responsibility. Software and hardware upgrades are handled by the provider and are generally transparent to you aside from possible scheduled service downtime. You […]

So what is this cloud anyway?

There’s a lot of talk these days about cloud computing, and much confusion about what that means.  So how do you know if you should be in the cloud? Use of computers usually involves two things – the application software that does your work and the data the software manages.  Traditionally the data and software […]

Is BYOD good for your organization?

There’s a lot of talk today about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the practice of employees bringing their own mobile technology into the workplace for work-related purposes.  This practice, using laptops, tablets and smartphones, is also known as the consumerization of IT.  It is increasingly prevalent in many businesses and can improve worker productivity and […]