How We Keep You Secure

Security is a top priority to keep your business and your money safe.  There are many different types of threats ranging from equipment and technology failures to malware delivered via email and web surfing to direct attacks on your network and servers.  Failures can cause lost data, lost productivity and lost business.  Malware and direct attacks can lead to exposure of your confidential business information, trade secrets, financial data, private client and patient data, and even access to your money.  It’s easy to think that your business is not big enough or important enough to be targeted, but the fact is that automated systems continuously probe every system connected to the internet to find a way in.  External threats continue to get more sophisticated, causing security product developers (e.g. antivirus, malware, firewalls) to struggle to keep up.  The security of your technology is not a “set it and forget it” proposition but must be actively managed.

We stay on top of the latest trends in IT.  This includes understanding vulnerabilities and threats as well as knowing which security software and equipment offers the best and most cost-effective protection.  We can recommend and install the best solutions according to your needs, operating practices and applicable industry regulations.

Security is approached on a per-client basis because every business operates differently.  While we try to implement best practices everywhere, specific solutions depend on your industry, size, staff, software applications, infrastructure, preferences and budget.  Whether you prefer easy, open access by your staff or a tightly controlled network where different departments and job roles require different data access levels, we’ll make sure you’re as secure as you can be. We use many techniques to make sure that you and your data are secure.

  • We manage and install software security patches to close vulnerabilities.
  • We recommend, configure, and install appropriate firewalls to protect you from unauthorized access.
  • We close unused ports in your firewalls and servers.
  • We apply group policies to control internal access to your data.
  • We provide security advice and training to your staff.
  • We install the most cost-effective virus protection for your environment.
  • We remove viruses, malware and threats from your workstations.
  • We install and monitor backup systems to protect your data from loss.
  • We offer business continuity solutions so your staff can work in spite of failures.
  • We check your servers periodically for problems or unusual behavior.