Backup and Disaster Recovery


A reliable backup solution is critical for protecting your vital data and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster. In order to protect your data and minimize downtime, we offer a special Vault BDR server.

Vault BDR Server Advantages:

  • Rapid Restoration – In as little as 15 minutes
    The Vault contains a full image of each hard drive in your servers. This greatly reduces recovery time due to failed disks or servers because the entire disk volumes are recovered in one step, eliminating the need to install Windows, your application software, licenses, preferences, and data one layer at a time.
  • Backups – Captured and updated regularly
    Your servers are backed up over the network, which is faster than traditional methods and can be programmed as frequently as every 5 minutes.
  • Virtual Server – Keeping you in business
    Even if your server fails, the Vault also has the ability to act as a stand-in server in the event that one of your servers goes offline. This greatly reduces downtime compared to more traditional methods and provides us with time to correct the original problem and get your servers back online with minimal interruption of your daily operations.
  • Cloud Virtualization – Ensure business continuity if disaster strikes
    In a worst-case situation where the location housing your servers and Vault suffers a major disaster, your servers can be virtualized in the data center and made available within hours via the Internet.
  • Security – Secure storage and transmission of data
    The Vault will upload copies of your data every night to a secure off-site data center on the east coast which is then replicated to another data center in the west. Your data is unreadable while in transit and by the data center staff.
    Information is encrypted to comply with HIPAA and SAS 70 Type II audits to comply with medical and financial industry regulations.

In addition to providing data security and business continuity, our BDR service provides an extra layer of protection and efficiency for each of your covered servers during normal operation with our SecureWatch™ service. SecureWatch™ takes a proactive approach to maintaining your servers with real-time management along with monitoring and alert generation, allowing our Systems Engineers to correct potential issues before they arise.