We only employ experienced, senior Systems Engineers who are the best technology and computer repair people in the industry, who are service people at heart.

Each one knows that it’s the people and their businesses that are most important. They work together closely, constantly supporting each other to balance workloads and to share their knowledge with each other and with our clients. Our office staff is equally strong, placing top priority on serving our clients and supporting our SEs at client sites. We are known for integrity, technology excellence, fast response times, security, and for delivering the best client service experience in WNC.


Meet Our Team

When we are not working you will find most of us outdoors much of the time. We are all here because we love the quality of life we find in this beautiful area. You can get to know us better by clicking our pictures.

Gordon Walton
Dawn Payne
Robin Schuh
Matthew Horton
Matthew Horton
Keith Kolomechuk
Brian Fox
Brian Fox
Alan Schwartz
Alan Schwartz

Serving Our Community

Given our values and love of this area, it’s not surprising that you may find us serving our community through endeavors that harbor involvement, commitment and prosperity. We really enjoy investing our time with local organizations that do so much for our community. Here are some ways that we engage for the well-being of all.


Gordon joined the Board of Directors of Helpmate in 2011 and served for 6 years, 4 as treasurer. For over 40 years Helpmate has been Buncombe County’s primary provider of crisis-level services designed specifically for – and offered exclusively to – victims of domestic violence and their children. Gordon has been involved in programs for the prevention of domestic violence for more than 25 years, first serving as a crisis line advocate in Manchester, NH in 1995 and then with Helpmate in the late 90s.

Asheville Chamber of Commerce

OneWhoServes, Inc. has been a member of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce since our beginning in April, 2000. Gordon attends many events sponsored by the Chamber as do other members of our staff. We received the Small Business of the Month award in July of 2013 for the second time, the first in March of 2004.

Executive Association of Greater Asheville

Gordon has been an active member of the Executive Association of Greater Asheville (EAGA) since 2000. EAGA is a leading relationship-based business generation group that exemplifies the qualities of generosity, gratitude and goodwill in all its dealings. The members comprise a large variety of area businesses which meet weekly. They support each other with referrals, business services and products, business management and leadership expertise, and advice. Gordon has served on the Board of Directors for most of the years of his membership and recently completed a term as President.


Since October 2005, OneWhoServes has cleaned Asheland Avenue through Asheville Greenwork’s Adopt-A-Street program. Asheland Avenue is in downtown Asheville and runs from Patton Ave to McDowell Street. The staff at OneWhoServes, Inc. has committed to clean up the street at least 4 times a year, with a goal of service to our community through keeping the streets of Asheville free of trash.

Homeward Bound of Asheville

Gordon has served 6 ½ years on the Board of Directors of Homeward Bound of Asheville, the last two as president. Homeward Bound is the lead agency in Asheville working to end chronic homelessness. They have placed nearly 800 people in homes since 2006 while providing supportive services to help keep them there. Gordon has been involved with Homeward Bound since 1998, and considers their services a true asset to the community.

Buncombe County Board of Elections

Brian has volunteered with the Buncombe County Board of Elections for years, assisting with delivery, setup, and preparation for each of the 11 Buncombe County voting sites. The Board of Elections primarily conducts elections in Buncombe County including municipal, county, state and federal elections. Brian has proven to be instrumental during both the primaries and general election. After each election, he assists with the clean-up, packing and removal of all the equipment, as well as removal of voting signs and banners throughout the county.

Leadership Asheville

Gordon was a participant in Leadership Asheville, 2004. Leadership Asheville is a dynamic program which meets monthly. This program is dedicated to developing productive leaders focused on building vibrant, thriving communities through innovative leadership education, programs, and experiences, and by building relationships with area business, community, and government leaders. The group of participants is broken into subgroups which meet more often to create a service oriented project. Gordon’s group worked with Youth Leadership Asheville and with Helpmate to build awareness about the dangers of domestic and sexual violence to area high school students. Gordon graduated from Leadership Asheville in May of 2005.

What’s In a Name?

When I started OneWhoServes, Inc. I knew the name of the company would be very important. I knew the “rules” about naming companies; it’s got to imply a big company even when you’re small, it’s got to be early in the alphabet so that it’s high on the list in the Yellow Pages, it should say or imply what kind of business it is, and so on. I kept these rules in mind as I tried all the names I could think of using different combinations of the words that always show up in computer business names – words like “computer”, “advanced”, “expert”, “technology”, “systems”, “data” and the other handful of commonly used words. Nothing I tried seemed right.

A couple of weeks before I was going to open the doors, I was beginning to get desperate. So one evening I sat down and started to think about who I am and what’s really important to me. I realized that for me, it’s always been about service. I’ve always been the first one to volunteer to help load the truck when a friend is moving, the first one to help with a weekend project, and the first one to pitch in on an unusual business or organizational task. In fact, whenever I hear of a need, my mind immediately begins working on what I can offer to help with the solution. So I picked up my Bible and opened the concordance and began reading all scripture references that had in them the word “serve” as the root, including serve, serving, service and servant, hoping that something might trigger an idea. I had read many passages when I got to Luke 22:26-27. This is the story where Jesus’ disciples begin arguing about which one will be the greatest. Jesus answers them by saying “The one who will be the greatest will be like one who serves. For who is greater, the one who is at the table, or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” When I saw the phrase “one who serves” repeated three times in these two verses, I closed the Bible, wrote down the new company name and got up from my chair.

You don’t have to tell me that this name does not satisfy any of the rules. However, this name does much more. It tells very clearly who we are and how we conduct our business. We treat everyone the same, like a member of the family, serving each one as they would like to be served. I think you’ll agree that that’s much more important than satisfying a few arbitrary rules, especially for something as important as a name. Gordon Walton



OneWhoServes, Inc. is seeking a self-motivated part-time Office Assistant to join our team. Applicant must have at least 5 years of experience in an office environment with emphasis on bookkeeping.

Must be a team player with great people skills and familiarity / aptitude with technology. Extreme attention to detail, professional and confident attitude, and excellent phone and customer service skills required. Primary focus is to provide accounts payable and receivable functions. This position includes backup support for answering phones and providing customer service and scheduling. It may also provide administrative support to management and other tasks appropriate for a small office.

Ours is a truly integrated mutually-supportive team environment. If you enjoy responsibility and making things happen, send us your resume to jobs@onewhoserves.com.