Gordon Walton

President, BSEE, MSEE

I believe that if you take great care of your clients, then everything else in business takes care of itself.

– Gordon Walton


Gordon founded OneWhoServes, Inc. in April 2000. He earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in electrical engineering and has worked in the computer industry since 1978.  He has designed computers, written software, designed and built special purpose systems for unique applications, and served as a one-man Information Technology department. He has held positions in design engineering, customer service, sales, and management in hardware and software companies in corporate, nonprofit, and government environments.

When OneWhoServes started, Gordon did all of the technical work for dozens of clients.  As he got too busy to keep up, he began hiring staff to expand the business.  The first hires were IT Systems Engineers, then a contract for custom software evolved into hiring a software development department.  Now he focuses on client care and business development and management.


Gordon supports a number of our local human services nonprofits.  He has been active in domestic violence prevention since the mid-90s and currently serves as Treasurer of the Board of Helpmate, our community domestic violence agency.  He served for over 6 years on the Board of Homeward Bound of Asheville, a local nonprofit that assists the homeless, as President for his last 2 years.  He has been a Board member of the Executive Association of Greater Asheville since he joined in 2000, now completing a term as President.  He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Business Computer Department at A-B Tech and served as President of Woodburn Place Homeowners Association.

Gordon loves being outdoors whenever he can.  He estimates that he has pulled his camper close to 50,000 miles in the last 10 years on trips ranging from weekends to 6 weeks.  So far he’s camped in 31 states and hopes next summer to take a northwest trip to visit about 10 more.  He has visited 17 of our National Parks with a goal to get to the remaining 37 that can be reached with the camper.  He has been canoeing since he was 12 and loves to spend time watching the wildlife on lakes and rivers.  He often carries his canoe on the roof of the truck in front of the camper.

He bought a motorcycle and began riding in the fall of 2011.  He and his wife Wendy like to ride to scenic areas and hiking trailheads around WNC and are planning more motorcycle weekend trips.  He is working on a method for carrying the motorcycle with the camper.  As a birdwatcher for decades, he never travels without his binoculars.

Gordon learned home building as a firefighter for 6 years in NH, and by working for a builder when he arrived in NC.  He worked alone evenings and weekends to build a garage with an upstairs apartment behind his house.  He and Wendy plan to begin renovating their home in the near future, if they can stay in town long enough!