What We Value

We believe that integrity is priceless.

Our word and our ethical standards are our most valued possessions.

This is our number one value in our OneWhoServes Statement of Values.  It’s who we are, and it’s who you should have on your team.  When you give your administrative passwords and remote access privileges to your IT provider, you’re giving away the keys to your business.  You must trust your provider completely.  So what does our integrity mean to you?

It means our interest is your best interest.  We are invested in the success of our clients because that’s what makes us successful.  We strive to understand you, your staff and your goals because the better we understand your business, the better we can serve you in harmony with your preferences and needs.  Here are some ways that you can see our integrity at work.


  • We do excellent work and we get it right.
  • We never sell you something you don’t need.
  • We understand that your business data is valuable and confidential and we treat it as such.
  • We always let you know when we’ve accessed your system.
  • We provide honest, understandable advice about solutions and options, including the pros and cons.
  • We recommend hardware and software appropriate for your needs.
  • We give you your passwords.


And while we’re at it, here is our entire Statement of Values, carefully ordered by importance.


We believe that integrity is priceless.

Our word and our ethical standards are our most valued possessions.


We believe that relationships are paramount.

Great relationships with clients, team members, our families and the Asheville community are the key to success in everything we do.


We believe excellence is our standard of performance.

Our technical competence and our commitment to clients are the heart of our service.


We believe that timeliness is essential for excellence.

To meet our commitments and exceed the expectations others have of us, we must do what we say we will do, have it done when we say we will have it done and promptly communicate any deviation from our commitments.


We recognize that profitability is essential to our survival.

Our business values can only be realized with business success.